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Trigger Gap Safety Briefing

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This briefing is advisory in nature and does not replace the responsibility of the pilot in command obligation to use sound judgment regarding skill level, experience and aircraft suitability.

The RAF makes no warranty for the condition of the runway surface or suitability of the airstrip environment.

 Trigger Gap, Arkansas

                                        Coordinates: 36°19'40.52"N 93°37'03.42"W

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Runway profile, orientation, elevation

Position: 36°19'40.52"N  93°37'03.42"W

Runway: 10/28

Runway Length: 3000’ x 75’ grass strip

Runway Elevation: 1650'

Sectional: Kansas City

Trigger Gap is located 3.2NM South of Carroll County Airport, 4M1.

The airport is lined with cones on a 200’ spacing and windsocks are located on the SW and NE corners.  

Caution- Be aware of the following items

Trees to the East of the runway.

Variable winds.

Make a pass to check both windsocks, located on the SW and NE corners. Check for obstructions or animals on the runway; wildlife such as deer and turkey may be present.

Local emergency dial 911. Report location as 36°19'40.52"N x 93°37'03.42"W


Airstrip Communication Frequency

122.9 MHz

Arrival Procedure

Left Traffic for BOTH runways (Runways 10/28), Please maintain 800’ AGL minimum crosswind & downwind pattern with reduced power for noise abatement.

Departure Procedure: RW 28 - Standard procedures; RW 10 - Reduce power after airborne when departing RW 10 for noise abatement for neighbors to the Northeast & Southeast of airport.

Noise Abatement Procedures

Trigger Gap has residents on both the NE and SE of the airstrip, please avoid flying directly over either house during your approach or departure. Keep power settings low. See the Airfield.Guide for specific locations.


The airport has two aircraft camping locations, tie downs and two fire rings with wood on site. These are located mid-field on the south side; and on the northwest side.

In addition to the great view of the Kings river and the Ozark mountains, a local outfitter (Kings River Outfitter (Ernie) 479/253-8954) will pick you up and arrange a canoe float on the Kings River and return you to the airport.

Closest services (fuel, shower, restroom) are at Carroll County Airport (4M1) 3.2NM North , CTAF is 122.9;  Use 122.9 for after hours access to facilities.

Additional Information

Adhere to the RAF Code of Conduct at all times.

Fly out all trash and leave the facilities cleaner than you found it.

Gate lock code for Trigger Gap is 1229.


Airstrip contact name and phone numbers:

Harper Goodwin (local) 817-938-3334 c; 479-239-0580 h

Dave Powell (Bentonville) 479-586-5540 c


Print a copy of this brief and take it with you to Trigger Gap.  

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Briefing Date: 6/2019 (revision good for one year)

Have a great visit!