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Sunrise Valley Ranch Safety Briefing

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This briefing is advisory in nature and does not replace the responsibility of the pilot in command obligation to use sound judgment regarding skill level, experience and aircraft suitability.

The RAF makes no warranty for the condition of the runway surface or suitability of the airstrip environment.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Sunrise Valley Ranch Post, Oregon

                                        Coordinates: 44°0.603'N 120°16.813'W

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Runway profile, orientation, elevation

Runway: 18/36

Runway Length: 2100’ x 60’ grass strip

Runway Elevation: 4400 ft

Left traffic pattern.

Special Considerations or Operations

Airstrip elevation is 4,400 ft. - the affects of density altitude must be considered.

The airstrip is surrounded by higher terrain on the East, West and North sides. The terrain to the North rises to 6,000 ft. in less than 3-miles.

Winds permitting, landing to the North and departing to the South is recommended.

There is a drop-off at the arrival end of runway 36 – do not land short of the threshold.

There is a drainage ditch along the East side of the airstrip - do not taxi off of the airstrip to this side.

Airstrip Communication Frequency

Use CATF 122.9 to announce your approach, arrival and departure.

Arrival Procedure

Overfly the field to check for aircraft as well as wildlife.

Left traffic pattern.

Please avoid directly overflying the neighboring ranch houses to the South.

Bring your own tie-downs.


Visitors to the ranch are welcome to camp adjacent to the airstrip, stay in the ranch’s rustic lodge, or just stop in for a delicious family style meal.  Local pilots have already made this a favorite destination for weekend breakfast and the dining area is often crowded, so be sure to call ahead. 

Activities available at the ranch include hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, or simply enjoying the peaceful environment.

Additional Information

Adhere to the RAF Code of Conduct at all times.

Fly out all trash and leave the facilities cleaner than you found it.

Local emergency dial 911. Report location as 44°0.603'N 120°16.813'W


Airstrip contact name and phone numbers:

Larry and Susan Fildes tel: (541) 477- 3711 email: sunrisevalleyranch@hotmail.com



Print a copy of this brief and take it with you to Sunrise Valley Ranch.  

Briefing Date: 4/2018 (revision good for one year)

Have a great visit!