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Saskatchewan Weather

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Weather related precautionary landing

Butch Fisher taking a look at the weather. We were glad to have this grass strip to land on when the ceiling dropped too low.

In July of 2004 my fishing partner Butch Fisher and I made a flight to northern Saskatchewan from Montana. The weather was typical for Montana in July; hot, dry and mostly cloud-free. But by the time we got into Canada the central section of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were in a deep low pressure area with plenty of low clouds and rain. We filed IFR and flew north but imbedded convective buildups became a problem and we chose to drop down underneath. The ceiling began to squeeze us lower though and we came to a point where I decided it was time to land soon. Pushing the nearest button on the GPS showed a grass strip just a few miles away near Cut Knife Saskatchewan. We landed and waited out the low ceiling for a few hours.

Daniel Lilja