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Reserve Safety Briefing

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This briefing is advisory in nature and does not replace the responsibility of the pilot in command obligation to use sound judgment regarding skill level, experience and aircraft suitability.

The RAF makes no warranty for the condition of the runway surface or suitability of the airstrip environment.

                                                                                       Reserve Airstrip,
New Mexico

                                 Coordinates: 33⁰41.39.60’N / 108⁰51.00.00’W

view to the Southwest

Runway profile, orientation, elevation

07/25  4777’ x 50’ asphalt in good condition; 2% upslope to the southwest

elevation 6360’

Special Considerations or Operations

Public use, gate code published

Caution - Be aware of the following items

Trees off approach end of both runway ends, high terrain in vicinity of airport, night operations not recommended, gusty crosswinds possible

Airstrip Communication Frequency


Arrival Procedure

Normal left hand patterns

Departure Procedure

Normal departure to avoid terrain


Camping, fire ring, picnic tables, tie-downs on field. No restrooms. Lodging and cafe ½ mile south. Stream fishing 6 miles east, guides available.

Additional Information

Adhere to the RAF Code of Conduct at all times.

Fly out all trash and leave the facilities cleaner than you found it.

Local emergency dial 911. 

Contacts: Catron County: 575-533-6423 

No restrictions on use, check NOTAMs.

Cell service is generally not available, some intermittent Verizon service is possible.


Print a copy of this brief and take it with you to Reserve.  

Briefing Date: 10/15/2018 (revision good for one year)

Have a great visit!

Photo by Jim Ivey

Photo by Joyce Woods