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RAF Guide for the Private Airfield Owner

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Driven by our State Liaisons’ requests for more information about private airfields, the RAF has compiled Guide for the Private Airfield Owner.  The Guide states that private airfields are invaluable, especially as pressure increases on public lands to restrict aviation access to many of our nation’s special places. The RAF recognizes private airfields are a resource to tap for increasing aviation access to recreation.

“Preserving private use airfields is a primary mission for us here in the East,” said John Nadeau, former RAF Massachusetts Liaison. He owns Old Acton Airfield in Maine (02ME), and took the lead in drafting the document, which has gained the endorsement of AOPA.

The Guide includes discussion of the FAA charting process; and legal, liability and legacy concerns.

The RAF has long been the “go-to” group for answers regarding recreational aviation on public lands, found in the RAF Land Manager’s Guide and Advocate’s Guide. “We expect that we may now be seen as the ‘go-to’ organization regarding private airfield support,” Nadeau said, adding, “It will be RAF folks who show up at an airfield with rakes, shovels and pulaskis when word goes out that an airfield owner needs physical help.”

The document is available online (click here) or RAF members may request printed copies using contact@TheRAF.org.