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It's why you learned to fly.

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Planned Giving

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It’s Why You Started To Fly

Do you recall the first time that you touched down on a grass airstrip? Perhaps it was where you learned to fly or maybe it was somewhere later in your flight training. The wheels lightly touched on the dew covered grass, there was no screech, and very little, if any, bounce. It may just have been the best landing you recall making. We bet the smile that found its way to your face back then, is still there today. In fact the experience was so good that you were excited to do it again, but before departure you unloaded your gear, put on your hiking shoes and headed off to explore this special place. It is not your typical airport that you are used to. There is no control tower, no departing airlines to wait for, and the hold short line is the large bush at the entrance to the only active runway.

You’re ready to leave and for the first time and you now understand the laborious calculations your flight instructor had you making as you look at those real live 50’ trees at the end of the runway . No longer a line drawing in your training manual as they await your departure. This will really be fun you tell yourself. Planned giving means different things to different people, but what we hope it means to you, is the recognition that the core mission of the RAF is to protect these very special places. We appreciate that you might consider some level of a planned gift to the RAF. It will be these kinds of contributions to the RAFthat will provide long term lasting value to future aviators. Your gift, whether it is a cash contribution thru your will, a life insurance policy, a piece of real estate or an appreciated stock portfolio will provide the kind of secure funds that the RAF needs to assure that those special experiences continue to be available to pilots of the future. As said by one of our founding benefactors, “It will probably take 1000 of us to save it for one”. Please help us by being one of the 1000.

The RAF is ready to assist you and your planning team where needed to match your desires to the RAF’s needs. We respect the fact that you have worked hard, saved your money and may have some left over that could be directed to the RAF. It is this match of your dollars and our shared passion of recreational aviation, mixed in with a commitment by the RAF to do our best for you that will put a smile on our mutual faces.

Perhaps the question you now find yourself asking is “Will the RAF be here in the future?” Our answer is “Yes it will”. You and so many others have told us that this experience is worth saving. With your help the RAF knows there will be an airplane on a grass strip with laughter and a campfire in the background. Your contribution will allow someone a place to experience a part of aviation that we know you found unique. Because of your memory of that special experience as well as your passion for it; you have, thru the RAF, the opportunity to create a legacy like none other.

Contact us at contact@TheRAF.org 

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.