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North Fox Island Safety Briefing

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This briefing is advisory in nature and does not replace the responsibility of the pilot in commands obligation to use sound judgment regarding skill level, experience and aircraft suitability.
The RAF makes no warranty for the condition of the runway surface or suitability of the airstrip environment.

                                                             North Fox Island Airstrip (6Y3)

                                                                                        Lake Michigan

                                                Coordinates: 45⁰28.93’N / 085⁰46.83’W







Runway profile, orientation, elevation
Airport Identifier: 6Y3
3,000 ft.X100 ft. marked with yellow cones
Rwy 7    (-displaced threshold 800ft)
Rwy 25  (-displaced threshold  1,000 ft.)
Elevation: 639 ft.
Coordinates: 45⁰ 28.93’N / 085⁰ 46.83’W
Notes: Windsock located midfield on South side (unreliable due to trees)
Closest AWOS at SJX- Beaver Island Airport 118.075 15 nm N.E.
Special Considerations or Operations
Winds are virtually constant out in Lake Michigan- consider arrival or departure early or late in the day when winds are normally lower.
Beware of Fog and mist.
You must bring your own tie downs. (Aircraft are fairly protected by the tall trees)
The airport is closed from Nov.-April and when snow-covered.
Airstrip Communication Frequency
122.9 CTAF (recommend monitor 122.8 also for other traffic in area)
Closest AWOS Beaver Island Airport 15nm N.E. 118.075
Arrival Procedure
Announce intentions on 122.9
Fly over airfield scan for aircraft on the ground
Left hand pattern
Departure Procedure
122.9 announce intentions  before taxi
Please be courteous and do not fly over South Fox Island (Horse Farm)
Cautions or be aware of the following items:
          60-80 ft trees surround airstrip
          Windsock blocked by trees (use wave direction for wind reference)
          Winds on approach and departures
Safety of pilots, passengers, bystanders and aircraft
No discharge of firearms, bows, crossbows, other mechanical weapons or fireworks on or in the vicinity of the airstrip, aircraft parking area or camping area.
Rustic camping on the airstrip only. (between cones and woods)
Fire ring located at S.W. end of airstrip. (please share, no other fires allowed)
Porta John/ outhouse
Registration mailbox and kiosk with information.
Additional Information
Please register at the mailbox located at the SW end of the runway.
North Fox Island Airstrip is a public use licensed Michigan airport.
See www.michigan.gov/aero, click on Michigan Airport Directory for complete info.
It is a Unimproved Airport Category and is listed as “Land at your own risk”
The airstrip only is leased by The RAF from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
The island is 820 acres 10 nm. SW of Beaver Island and 24 nm W. of Charlevoix MI.
You may camp at the airstrip only, the rest of the Island falls under DNR,State Wildlife & Game Areas-State Land Rules, these rules can be accessed by going to www.michigan.gov/dnrlaws.
Nearby South Fox Island has a PRIVATE 5,000ft paved runway DO NOT LAND THERE, the owner does not want visitors.
Staying on the N. Fox:
This is a wilderness type setting what you bring in you must take out, do not burn or bury garbage or refuse.
Poison Ivy ground cover in some areas (watch where you pitch your tent).
Do not bring in firewood.
No wheeled vehicles allowed on trails or beach.
Harmless snakes (plentiful)!
Mosquitoes (More than plentiful, bring repellant)!!
No cell phone coverage.
We suggest you bring a NOAA hand held radio.
Check weather before you arrive concerning your arrival and departure times and let someone know when to expect your return.
Life Jackets and Life Raft is paramount to have in addition to your other survival gear.


The continued lease of this airstrip is dependent upon pilots being good stewards of the Island.  Please treat the Island with the greatest of respect that it deserves and assure our continued use into the future.


Airstrip contact name and phone numbers:
Brad Frederick- Airport Manager
248 761 5615
We recommend you print a copy of this brief and take it with you to N Fox Island.
Briefing Date: 4/2018 (revision good for one year)
Have a great visit!