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Mountain Views Airfield Safety Briefing

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This briefing is advisory in nature and does not replace the responsibility of the pilot in command obligation to use sound judgment regarding skill level, experience and aircraft suitability.

The RAF makes no warranty for the condition of the runway surface or suitability of the airstrip environment.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Mountain Views Airfield

 Condon, Oregon

                                        Coordinates: N45.29850 / W120.29880

Runway profile, orientation, elevation

Runway elevation: 2,780 ft.

Runway dimensions: 1,650 ft x 40 ft              

Runway surface: turf

Special Considerations or Operations

The runway slopes steeply uphill to the Southeast.

Expect gusty and turbulent wind conditions – beware of strong turbulence downwind of the wind turbines.

Please avoid directly overflying the neighboring ranch houses to the South.

Airstrip Communication Frequency

CATF 122.9

Arrival Procedure

Use CATF 122.9 to announce your approach and arrival.

Overfly the field to check for aircraft as well as wildlife.

Winds permitting, landing uphill on Rwy 12 is strongly recommended.

Departure Procedure

Use CATF 122.9 to announce your departure.

Winds permitting, departing downhill on Rwy 30 is strongly recommended.


Owners Randy and Barbara Anderson operate the Mountain Views airbnb adjacent to the airfield. The upgraded four-bedroom home can accommodate up to 12 guests. A courtesy car is available for guests to explore the nearby Cottonwood Canyon State Park with 8,000 acres of rugged terrain — vertical cliffs carved by the Wild and Scenic John Day River, deep canyons and rocky grasslands. The John Day River, a 284 mile long tributary of the Columbia River, is the longest free-flowing river west of the Continental Divide.  Steelhead fishing on the river can be outstanding. Other activities include biking, hiking and wildlife viewing. Alternatively, guests can visit the quaint town of Condon, or just enjoy the solitude and completely dark night skies.

Additional Information

Mountain Views Airfield is a private airfield. Review of this safety briefing, with due consideration of pilot and aircraft capabilities, and prior approval by the owner, are required.

Adhere to the RAF Code of Conduct at all times.

Fly out all trash and leave the airfield cleaner than you found it.

Please report any problems or issues encountered to the RAF.

RAF Contact: Richard Mayes - Oregon State Liaison, rmayes@theraf.org


Airstrip contact name and phone numbers:

Randy and Barbara Anderson   
tel: (541) 993-0457

email: fromanfarms@ortelco.net

In case of emergency: Dial 911.

Cell service at the airstrip is unreliable.

Print a copy of this brief and take it with you to Mountain Views Airfield  

Briefing Date: 11/2018 (revision good for one year)

Have a great visit!