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Miracle Mile Safety Briefing

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This briefing is advisory in nature and does not replace the responsibility of the pilot in command obligation to use sound judgment regarding skill level, experience and aircraft suitability.

The RAF makes no warranty for the condition of the runway surface or suitability of the airstrip environment.

                                                                                                                                                                               Miracle Mile, Wyoming

                                 Coordinates: 42° 13' 8.994"N 106° 52' 10.3728"W

Runway profile, orientation, elevation

Runway orientation: 1-19

Elevation: 5970

Length: 2500’ estimated

GPS Coordinates: N42.219165, W 106.869548

Special Considerations or Operations

Large power lines ⅓ mile east of runway, running mostly parallel to strip.

Cactus, small sage, mounds of buffalo grass on runway. Bigger tires recommended for landing.

South end of runway terminates with abrupt 50’ drop off.

Airstrip Communication Frequency


Arrival Procedure

Use 122.9 and announce arrival. The wind usually favors landing 19 and can be checked using windsock on substation 2 miles north of the runway until windsock is placed at the runway. Right pattern is recommended for landing runway 19 and left pattern is recommended for landing runway 1 due to proximity of high power lines on east side of runway.

Departure Procedure

Preferred departure is runway 19 that descends towards the river.


Engstrom Campground on the river with an outhouse.

Additional Information

Adhere to the RAF Code of Conduct at all times.

Fly out all trash and leave the facilities cleaner than you found it.

Local emergency dial 911. 


Lori Olson, Wyoming Liaison, RAF: lolson@theraf.org,  307-746-8411

Andrew Mowrey, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM Rawlins Field Office: 307-328-4310

There is no cell service at Miracle Mile.


Print a copy of this brief and take it with you to Miracle Mile.  

Briefing Date: 4/25/2018 (revision good for one year)

Have a great visit!